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Our objective is to transform the education sector, to boost professionals’ skills, and enable them to prosper. Achieving this takes effort, dedication, talent, and ensuring excellence in every detail.

Excellence means continuously growing. Excellence means developing innovative ideas. Excellence means meeting the standards set by the history and prestige of the universities we work with. In essence, excellence means having a positive impact on society and people.

Our mission: Creating a new standard for education

Global Alumni’s goal is to renew the global standard for education.

We guide and support the most prestigious educational institutions through this process. We break down language and distance barriers to connect first-rate education with people worldwide.

We do this using trailblazing technology that allows us to focus on the user experience.

Our belief: Education changes the world, and empowers individuals

At Global Alumni, we are convinced that education has the power to change the world.

This belief has allowed us to partner with the best international universities and facilitate access to experts in various fields of knowledge, anywhere and at any time.

Only by developing the capacity to learn, unlearn, and relearn can we achieve effective and equitable change.

Our vision: Leading the EdTech sector

It is our unique vision of the future of education that allows us to lead the EdTech sector.

Thanks to our advisers, experts, and alliances with the best universities, we can design new formulas for learning. This allows professionals to redefine their knowledge and adopt a mindset that prioritizes learning.

This attitude is essential for facing the fourth industrial revolution. No professional should find themselves on the outside of the new labor market.

The perspective Global Alumni was built on

Technological revolution, economic globalization, and quality education. These are the three pillars of my professional life and what led me to founding Global Alumni.

We were facing the challenge of bringing knowledge from the world’s top universities to professionals everywhere, and we’ve met it. We design, develop, and distribute postgraduate programs in six languages, the most widely spoken worldwide, both in online and hybrid formats.

During my own academic education, in both American and Spanish universities, I would ask myself: Why should a professional interrupt their work for months on end to sign up for traditional programs that don’t adapt to their needs? Why should language be a barrier?

I also didn’t understand why education stayed on the sidelines of technological advances or why we kept using obsolete educational methods. Today, Global Alumni is the answer to those questions. With a team of great professionals and under the motto of “Excellence or Nothing,” we are participating in and executing a momentous transformation in the first half of the 21st century.

Global Alumni has a team of professionals motivated by a culture of success. Composed of more than 20 nationalities and with a multicultural atmosphere, the professionals at Global Alumni work to turn change into opportunity.



TOP 100 Most creative in the Business World

Forbes Spain - 2022

Pablo Rivas, CEO of Global Alumni, has been named one of the 100 most creative persons of the year by Forbes Spain in the list ‘Most Creative People in Business 2022’.

2021 Best Spanish Entrepreneur

‘La Razón’

For his career in EdTech, the newspaper La Razon chose Pablo Rivas as the Best Spanish Entrepreneur of 2021 in the “Premios Tu Economía/Dinero y Negocios” that it organizes every year.

Best Educational Initiative

Global Alumni was awarded the 2020 prize for the best educational initiative at the “X Edición de la Noche de la Economía,” organized by the newspaper El Economista.

Future economic leaders

Instituto Choiseul – 2019

Instituto Choiseul – 2018
TOP 100

Pablo Rivas, CEO and founder of Global Alumni, was named one of the 100 economic leaders for the future in the “Economic Leaders for the Future” ranking by the Choiseul Institute for two years running.

TOP 5 Top World startups

EnlightED – 2018

In addition, Global Alumni has been chosen as one of the five best startups in the world by EnlightED.

TOP 2022

The American magazine CIO Views chose Pablo Rivas, CEO and founder of Global Alumni, as one the most innovative business leaders that will make a difference in 2022.

Most Innovative Business Leaders

CIO Views Magazine

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