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- excellence or nothing -

Slide Our DNA: At Global Alumni, the first Euro-American EdTech company in the world, we have built an educational model based on innovation and technology. Our objective is to improve the employability of professionals and executives worldwide.

At Global Alumni, we know that continuous learning is the key to any professional’s future. We believe in the constant reinvention of higher education.
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Slide An educational model based on At Global Alumni, we create unique learning spaces that break with traditional methodologies. Thanks to constant innovation and our use of the latest technology, we create live global learning experiences on a large scale.

We don't care about the where. We care about the how, and the why.. Because wherever you may be, we create unique learning experiences that connect people with their learning objectives.
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Slide The spirit that makes us leaders in the EdTech sector At Global Alumni, we work alongside universities throughout the process of digitalization, creation, development, and delivery of the educational programs we offer students.

This partnership is only possible if we share our partners’ goals and mission. Excellence is our guiding principle for being leaders in the sector.

Slide Companies: Saber más   The battle for talent We support talent recruitment and the development of teams within organizations. We also facilitate access to internationally prestigious education programs.

We encourage the sustainable growth of companies through more than 600 programs in 6 languages, and connect talent within companies to world-renowned leaders in education, allowing organizations to generate unique value through their people.
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Slide students from all over the world +600 +50k programs in digital and hybrid format completion rate English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Polish +700 6 languages Data Analyst 4 Global Bridge +85% international instructors for student monitoring. in Chicago, Boston, Madrid y Barcelona. 4.5/5 in satisfaction New Layer


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