Pablo Rivas libro Learning to Unlearn
2 de October de 2020

“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.” This quote by Winston Churchill, one of the greatest minds of the last century, can perfectly be...

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Big Data
15 de September de 2020

Data storage and processing is one of the most powerful technologies in the digital economy. Human beings have developed and adapted to...

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31 de March de 2020

Coronavirus Lessons: Highlighting the Importance of Online Education  Within a matter of weeks, the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc across a number of...

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4 de December de 2019

Source: LA RAZÓN The CEO of Global Alumni, the first Spanish EdTech company specializing in transforming major global universities, explains to LA...

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27 de November de 2019

Source: EL ECONOMISTA Many major universities are working on proposals to move toward a responsibility-oriented economic culture. The topic of the environment...

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7 de November de 2019

Source: EL ECONOMISTA In the near future it will be normal for algorithms to carry out organizational tasks. Artificial intelligence is no...

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Competitividad educativa
29 de October de 2019

Source: EL FINANCIERO DE PANAMÁ For Pablo Rivas, CEO and founder of Global Alumni, universities are facing the imminent risk of disappearing...

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10 de October de 2019

Source: EL ECONOMISTA In Spain today there are 10,000 available jobs in the digital realm. Among the 10 most promising jobs in...

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future futuro
26 de September de 2019

Source: EL ECONOMISTA Education in Spain, and the rest of the world, has undergone continuous evolution that has accelerated in the last...

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10 de September de 2019

Source: EL ECONOMISTA The history of the greatest champions of new technologies, such as Zuckerberg, Jobs, or Bezos, entrepreneurs constantly in the...

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