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Pablo Rivas attends La Razón’s 1st Digital Transformation Forum

The time is now to talk about a real digital transformation.  In fact, Global Alumni CEO Pablo Rivas regrets that this discussion...

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Pablo Rivas talks to ABC about digital talent gap penalizing the Spanish economy

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only disrupted the foundations of healthcare, but also the current labor market. With the current economic migration...

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 “We must be promoters of change and embrace technology as a facilitator toward what’s next”

elEconomista hosted the business day Professionals of the Future: Sectors and Key Profiles, where those who attended agreed on the importance of...

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“Universities are no longer the main source of knowledge: google is smarter than them”

A red light indicates `Zoom` is now recording. On the other side of the screen, Pablo Rivas, CEO and Founder of Global...

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