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global alumni

Global Alumni is a partner to prestigious universities who wishes to create or improve their full and blended online postgraduate school.

Nowadays universities face difficult challenges in order to make any transformation. Global Alumni help change significant results in the postgraduate education in this ever-changing world.

A higher quality for online education is increasingly being demanded as a method of teaching, allowing professionals to learn instantaneously those abilities needed in the new economy.

Global Alumni is a strategic contributor to top universities by globalizing and modernizing their academy’s evolution.

Creation of the online postgraduate school

Development of the online postgraduate school based on the unique characteristics of each university.

Internationalization and recruiting of students

Help for internationalization and recruiting of new students.

Creation of high quality online content

Creation of online content for the tracking and learning of students.

Magnificent Results

Results of our virtual & semi-private graduate programs

  • 2016 248%
  • 2015 168%
  • 2014 81,3%


Satisfaction rate high or very high


Retention rate

Improve professional skills

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Hooking up with e-learning’s possibilities

Fuente: Gulf News E-learning has emerged as an organic product of global connectivity and technological advancement. The strong internees connection offered by leading telcos coupled with the endless stream of sophisticated equipment being introduced to the market has...

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