Our Team

excellence or nothing


Pablo Rivas

“Excellence or nothing is more than just a motto for Global Alumni. It is a philosophy for every single person collaborating on this ambitious project.”

Dennis H. Chookaszian

“The only way to improve society in the long run is to bring excellence to the education sector.”

Isabel Morera

“Global Alumni’s success, raison d'être and power rest on its strong commitment to quality.”

Montaña Rubio

“Hiring talented people is the key to the optimal management of Global Alumni’s human resources.”

Benito Vera

“At Global Alumni we believe that the organizations which are leaders in the education sector are dynamic and versatile.”

Alberto Crespo

“My goal is to make technology an asset to this company. To work at Global Alumni is a dream come true for anyone who loves technology like I do.”

Elena Márquez

“Together with leading universities, we address the transversal, disruptive, and creative market demands created by digital transformation.”

August Hutchinson

“A quality education must be a relevant education.”


Lola Pérez

“Global Alumni is easy to market because here, every day, talented and innovative people create excellent products using state-of-the-art technologies.”

Elías Nazer

“Our mission is to transform universities, bringing their programs, prestige, and culture to new horizons.”

Juan Martín de Riso

“At Global Alumni, we help the best universities in the world improve the quality of higher education, free from geographic and language barriers.”