Welcome from Pablo Rivas

Dear all,

21st century business people and universities face a conundrum. Do we commit to innovation and take the risks necessary to be transformative? Or do we become passive and complacent?

At Global Alumni, we choose innovation.

Technological revolution, globalization, and quality education are three of my passions. That is why I founded Global Alumni with Isabel Morera: to bring first-class education programs from the world’s most prestigious universities to Spanish-speaking professionals, for the first time, in online and blended formats. As we rapidly expand, we are bringing these programs to English-speaking professionals, too.

Global Alumni’s reputation has been built by dozens of competent professionals working with us to make this ambitious project happen. We have earned the trust of world-class universities like MIT, Chicago Booth, Esade, UCLA, and UC Berkeley.

I attended UC Berkeley, Loyola University Chicago, and Harvard in the United States, and I completed my MBA at IESE in Spain. While there, I thought about professional education in our globalizing world. It can be hard, expensive, or even impossible for professionals to relocate, learn another language, and put their work on hold in order to get the education they need. These barriers of language, geography, money, and time hold back professionals as well as the countries they live in. They hold back academic institutions and the business world, too.

Global Alumni breaks down these barriers.

I believe that as the world changes, education should keep pace. As the company’s CEO, I see it as my responsibility to ensure that we have a transformative impact on professional education. We collaborate with our partner universities to replace obsolete educational methodologies, and to adapt professional programs to the needs of professionals. We move forward inspired by our motto, “excellence or nothing.”

The people who know me are aware that my job is my biggest hobby. I find it thrilling to take part in the important global transformations of the 21st century. If I am not working, you will find me spending time with my family or my dog, learning about the latest devices, or swimming in a certain oddly-named bay.

I am one of those people who believes that to find the best ideas, you need to go out and look for them.

Pablo Rivas

Our continuing education programs are training ambitious professionals worldwide to become the business leaders of the 21st century.