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Online postgraduate education

Development of the virtual postgraduate school based on the particularities of each university to become an educational reference.

Internationalization and recruiting of students

we help internationalization and recruitment of new students.

Creation of high quality online content

A modern online campus and the most advanced technology in content creation and tracking of students.

Magnificent Results

Results of our virtual & semi-private graduate programs

  • 2016 248%
  • 2015 168%
  • 2014 81,3%


Satisfaction rate high or very high


Retention rate

Improve professional skills


Time Is Money: What Would You Pay to Jump the Line?

How long are you willing to wait in line for a meal at your favorite restaurant? Would you be willing to pay $30 to skip the line? How about $10? Most people wouldn’t feel comfortable slipping money to a maître d’ at a restaurant to jump the queue, but a new app is...

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Hooking up with e-learning’s possibilities

Fuente: Gulf News E-learning has emerged as an organic product of global connectivity and technological advancement. The strong internees connection offered by leading telcos coupled with the endless stream of sophisticated equipment being introduced to the market has...

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